Olivia Newton-John Collection
Video Films

Date of last update: 04 November 2019

Self recorded video tapes

I received most of the different TV-appearances from other fans worldwide or from Kristin van de Wijer of the Belgian ONJ fanclub many years ago.

With the exception of the shows which I have taped from the German television all items are not the "master tape" but only one of maybe numerous copies made of the original. Therefore the quality in most cases is not good enough to make further copies of it.

If there should be an appearance you badly need I would tape it for you nevertheless.

Because videos are not my main interest of my ONJ collection I am not very much familiar with the self recorded tapes and can't tell much about the content or the release date.

Cassette 1

Show with Andy Gibb and ABBA
TV special Olivia Newton-John
The Olivia Newton-John Story
Royal Charity Concert
Eddy go round-Show
Nana Mouskouri Show
Tros Interview
Michael Parkinson Show
Top of the Pops:
- Guest & Singer
At a Helen Reddy-Concert
"Soul Kiss"-Video Clip

Cassette 2

Toomorrow (spanish synchronisation)
"Soul Kiss"-Video Clip
Concert in Amsterdam
Portrait of a legend
Excerpts of "Cliff Richard Story"
TV-interview (Olivia Newton-John Story)
Terry Willekes at seven:
- Interview
Midnight Special:
- Have you never been mellow
- The air that I breathe
- If you love me let me know
- I never did sing you a love song

Cassette 3

The Case (film with Cliff Richard)
Only Olivia (TV Special)
Souvenirs, souvenirs (TV-Special)
Platen 10 daagse
Je ziet maar:
- Interview
Parodie on Physical
Midnight Special:
- Rest your love on me
Guest at Top Pop (BBC)
Late late breakfast show
"Twist of fate"-Video clip
Chicago New Year's Rocking Eve
Grease-Interview by Robert Stigwood
TV-Commercial for Grease calendar and Totally Hot-LP
Royal Charity Concert:
- Interview and introduction to the Queen-Mum

Cassette 4

Hopelessly devoted to you
Hollywood USA: Interview at Olivia's house
Excerpts of Toomorrow-film
Scene with John Travolta
French TV-Show STARS:
- Physical
Olivia In Paris:
- Excerpts of "Please don't keep me waiting "and "Grease"
More with Merv Show:
- with John Travolta, R. Springfield, Carpenters
- Video: The Dolphin Song
A Star at Hollywood Boulevard
Australian Music Awards
- Sam
- Duet with Helen Reddy
- "Fly away" with John Denver
- I honestly love you
Documentary Film: Olivia in Namibia and Oregon
Koala Blue Interview and Star on Hollywood Boulevard
PM-Magazine: Report about Olivia (KTTV) and "Olivia Gets Physical"
- The Dolphin Song
- Love make me strong
- Hopelessly devoted to you
Australian Awards
Interview with Catherine M. (Olivia's house)
- Funny things happen down under (1966)
-Grease (1978)
Olivia Newton-John live in Japan

Cassette 5

Japanese TV-appearances
Hollywood Nights (Original TV production)
Concert for UNICEF:
- Olivia's songs complete
German TV-show "Musikladen"
- Make a move on me
Eurovision Song Contest 1974:
- Long live love
Eddie go round-Show
- Magic
- Let me be there
- If you love me let me know
- If not for you
Dana Shore-Talkshow
Dom Deluise-Show
- Deeper than the night
Midnight Special:
- Have you never been mellow

Cassette 6

Midnight Special:
- Magic
Video clips:
- Let me be there
- If you love me let me know
- If not for you
- Deeper than the night
Midnight Special:
- Have you never been mellow
Midnight Special:
- Magic
- The Tubes
- Suddenly
- Suspended in time
- Don't cry for me Argentina
Newstime Interview:
- Xanadu
Dom Deluise-Talkshow:
- Changes
- Duet with Kenny Rogers
David Frost Interview:
- Olivia's image
2 Interviews
Grammy Awards:
- Hopelessly devoted to you
- Sam
Video clips:
- A little more love
- Have you never been mellow
- Deeper than the night
- A little more love
- Totally Hot
Olivia's Special with Wolfman Jack:
- If not for you
- Don't stop believin'
Michael Douglas Show with Rona, Jeff Conaway and Emerson
Solid Gold:
- Interview
- Soul Kiss
Solid Gold:
- Interview about Grease

Cassette 7

The Case (film with Cliff Richard)
Hollywood Nights (German synchronisation of the TV-Show)
Making "Xanadu": (only in b/w because of the transfer from French secam system)
Xanadu Countdown Dance Contest (b/w)
Guest at Top Pops (b/w)
Late late breakfast show (b/w)
Concert for UNICEF:
- Rest your love on me
- final appearance of all singers
French TV-show STARS:
- Olivia sings Physical
- Olivia receives birthday cake
Interview John Travolta and Olivia
Olivia Newton-John Interview
Video-clip: Tied up
Olivia's arrival at Australia
Video-clip: Physical
Interview with Joan McInness
The 1982 TV-Week Logie Awards:
- Make a move on me

Cassette 8

TV-Show with interview and songs (clips)
US-Show with Olivia and Pat Farrar
Interview in Super Channel about "The Rumour"
Olivia interview in A 2-channel
Earth 90-show in Metz/France
Video clip: I need love

Cassette 9

Let's get Physical (BBC 1)
Superstar Profile with Catherine Laporte-Coolen
Olympic Gala Show:
- Olivia sings Waltzing Mathilda
Rotterdam Concert
Album flash:
- Two of a kind
- Interview Olivia and John Travolta
Guest appearance at Gene Kelly show
German RTL breakfast tv-show:
- presentation of Fairy tale videos
- Magic
- Hopelessly devoted to you
- I honestly love you
An evening with friends of environment:
- Magic
- Somewhere over the rainbow
- Wonderful world
Koala Blue opening in Boston
Earth 90 show in Metz/France:
- Reach out for me
- Twinkle, twinkle little star
Koala Blue in Australia
Countdown Australia
In Japan

Cassette 10

"Ein Wunsch geht in Erfüllung"
(German TV version of "A Mom for Christmas")
Olivia at German TV-Show "Wetten dass ..."
Larry King Live CNN: Talking about cancer
Olivia in Duesseldorf (WDR report)
Olivia in Duesseldorf (RTL report)
German TV-show "Traumhochzeit"
Olivia sings "Hopelessly devoted to you" with Linda de Mol and "No matter what you do"
Video "I honestly love you" (new version)

Cassette 11

France interview (pure & uncut)
France passenger, shopping, meeting fans (uncut)
Star News, Ad in Gala-magazine
TV-Tip: "Si on chantait"
Tout est possible
Interview via satellite about "Lifetime Applauds"
Interview about "Lifetime Applauds"
Regis & Kathie Lee-Interview: Gaia
Lifetime Applauds - The fight against breast cancer
Holiday in Northern Ireland
Marae skic careline, commercial presentation
Ned & Stacey (sitcom with guest appearance)
Heathcliff (last night opening news)
Commercials: Grease Musical in Duesseldorf (2x)
Trailer (extract): It's my party

Cassette 12

The all new Donny & Marie Show:
- 2 songs
- musical scetches
Top Gunston:
- jokey interview
Interview about tv/stage acting
Arriving in Australia with Chloe
TV-spot: 1986 VFL Grand Final
1986 VFL Grand Final: show probe
1986 VFL Grand Final: song and pre-show
Eyewitness News: Super seller
News: Our Envoy
Electronic press kit:
- The Rumour
Recording "Warm and tender" in Australia
Best wishes for nominees for Young Achievement Award
News: UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador Certify
"Warm and tender"-Special
Regis & Kathie Lee: "Warm and tender"-interview/puppy
Electronic press kit: A Mom for Christmas
Entertainment tonight: A Mom for Christmas
Jay Leno: "A Mom for Christmas"-Interview
TV-Spot: A Mom for Christmas
Electronic press kit: Back to basics
One on one: biography and interview
In a new light: AIDS benefit, testimony
A current affair: exclusive interview part 1
A current affair: exclusive interview part 2
Monte Carlo Music Awards: behind the scenes
Lifstyle Informations Programme Award: co-hosted by Matt Lattanzi
The 1993 People's choice Awards
About "Fern Gully"
Excerpts from "Paradise Beach"
Jay Leno: w/guest and a signed photo
Excerpts from "The last whale"
Interview about writing "Silent ruin"
Today news: Interview about "Gaia"
Good Morning Australia: Interview about Gaia
News: "It's my party"-Australian premiere
Hopelessly devoted to you - Live with John Farrar
Excerpts from Country Music Awards
Showbiz today: Celebrities & Cancer
Showbiz today: Celebrities & Security

Cassette 13

Original version with Japanese (!) subtitles
Eingeschneit - Weihnachten im Schneesturm
(German TV-version of "A Christmas Romance")

Cassette 14

Xanadu promotion interview + 2 guests
Ricos Famosos:
- Koala Blue in Spain
Spot: Visit Melbourne
Olivia at home:
- Cooking for Chloe
- Interview
- The Rumour
5 years Koala Blue: Interview with Pat Farrar by Nancy Chuda
Behind Koala Blue
Spot: My Koala - The Australian Koala Foundation
Larry King Live:
Interview about 28 Koala Blue stores
- recording Mother & Child
Leeza: Mother & Child show
Ads for National Panasonic
Ad: Visit Tasmania

Cassette 15

A Christmas Romance (copy of tv-version)
Mike Douglas show with Olivia, Rona, Jeff & Emerson
several video clips

Cassette 16

Press conference "It's my party" in Berlin
CNN Shobiz Today:
- Gay films
CNN Shobiz Today:
- It's my party

Cassette 17

Cliff Richard & Olivia Newton-John
- "Had to be" Promo release

Cassette 18

- Falling with Raybon Brothers
Scott Hamilton back on Ice:
- Olivia sings "I honestly love you"
TNN: Operation Smile Reports
- 2 Concert Clips - MCA contract info
E Interviews:
- Excerpts of "Murphy Brown"
Murphy Brown:
- 1 episode with guest appearance of Olivia
Snowden on Ice (TV-Musical with 3 Olivia songs):
- New hometown
- Fly
- Home
Exposure (Olivia hosts a documentary about breast cancer)

Cassette 19

Stand up for Sir Cliff (BBC 1):
- When I'm 64 (with Olivia)
- Interview with Olivia
President's Cup Golf in Australia:
- Olivia, John Farnham & Anthony Warlow sing national anthem
Good morning Australia:
- with Olivia, John Farnham & Anthony Warlow
A current affair:
- Rehearsals in Melbourne for The Main Event
Hey, hey, it's saturday:
- You've lost that loving feeling
Duett with Mariah Carey: I honestly love you
"Precious love": Video & Interview
The best of Midnight Special
- If you love me let me know
- Have you never been mellow
- You ain't got the right
- The air that I breathe
- I never did sing you a love song
- Have you never been mellow
The Christmas Angel (hosted by Olivia Newton-John & Chip Davis)
Perry Como Show:
- I honestly love you

Cassette 20

Olivia Newton-John 1999 summer tour:
Don't stop believin'
Please Mr. Please
If not for you
Not gonna give in to
Close to you
The flower that shattered the stone
Let me be there
Have you never been mellow
Precious love
Long and winding road
Take me home country roads
Back with a heart
Don't cry for me Argentina
Don't cut me down
Somewhere over the rainbow
You're the one that I want
Hopelessly devoted to you
Summer nights
If you love me let me know
I honestly love you

Please Mr. Please
If not for you
Not gonna give in to
Close to you
Back with a heart
Hopelessly devoted to you
Don't cut me down
Somewhere over the rainbow
If you love me let me know
I honestly love you
Cassette 21

Funny things happen down under
Hollywood Nights
Making Xanadu
Cassette 22
Olivia Newton-John - Performances
Olympic Games 2000: Torch relay & Opening Cermony
Cassette 23
The Wilde Girls (NTSC-version)
Cassette 24
Behind the scenes - The Making of "2"
A night with Olivia


Date of last update: 04 November 2019